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What is PPF?

Paint Protection Film (PPF/Clear Bra/Xpel) is a transparent 8 mil thick polyurethane film with adhesive that is applied over painted surfaces to protect against rocks, chips and scratches. Our Xpel Ultimate Fusion PPF is ceramic top coated, self healing film with a 10 year transferable warranty. Similar to putting a screen protector on your phone. It is a sacrificial layer that will help preserve the paint and keep your car free of chips and light scratches.


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Why Choose Us?

  • We use Xpel Ultimate Fusion PPF which is currently the top of the line film in the industry.

  • Factory Trained and Certified in-house installers.

  • We wrap all possible edges for the most seamless install possible. 

  • Peace of mind with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

  • Clean shop and seperate area for PPF to limit possible contaminants. 

  • Paint Correction before installing film to ensure the paint is in the best possible condition before wrapping. 



-Front Bumper


*Partial Hood and Fenders (starting at $350)*

*Starting Price Only - price will vary based on size and difficulty.*


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PPF or Ceramic

A question we get asked alot is should I have my car ceramic coated or should I get paint protection film. The answer is if you are looking for the best protection then you should get both! The PPF is there to protect against chips and scratches. It has a self healing top layer that will minimize swirls and defects. The ceramic coating is there for ease of maintenance and to keep that long lasting shine locked in. Comparing them is not possible because they both have different purposes. Think of a ceramic coating as a more permanent wax that will just allow water and dirt to bead right off your paint. Think of PPF as putting a screen protector on your phone. Before you actually damage the paint the film will be the sacrificial layer that takes the initial blow. We have great packages built for our clients that opt for both. Most popular being front end PPF and our ultimate fusion ceramic coating laid on the film and also all other painted surfaces to give you the Ultimate Protection Package!


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  • Transform your vehicle with a matte finish. 

  • Self healing, stain resistant film.

  • Top coated for ease of maintenance.

  • For factory painted matte vehicles, stealth ppf is the best way to protect paint since you are unable to buff blemishes.

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